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Take a trip to Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong is one of the most exciting and vibrant cities on earth. Its unique history has put it at the meeting point between east and west and given it an unusual and individual flair that is not replicated anywhere else in the world. Throw stunning avant-garde architecture and the incredible beauty of the natural scenery into the mix and you have the recipe for a perfect holiday destination.

Historic Hong Kong

Until its handover to the people's republic of China in 1997, Hong Kong was effectively under British colonial rule for more than 150 years. Officially, the Chinese emperor's ceded control of the island and the port to the British following the signing of the treaty of Nanking in 1842, but British forces had actually begun occupying the area the previous year, during the First Opium War with China.
After signing a 99-year lease for the territory in 1898, Britain began developing Hong Kong as one of the centrepieces of its global empire. Ideally positioned as a trading hub between Europe and Asia, the city quickly developed into one of the region's business and cultural centres.

Cultural Kaleidoscope

Located where cultural worlds collide, Hong Kong soon developed into a unique melting point of influences from all around the world. This brightly coloured cultural kaleidoscope continues to this day, with Hong Kong hosting major events as diverse as concerts by French dub bands and traditional Japanese flower arranging festivals.
The city's art galleries are well-renowned and host prestigious annual art fairs which attract the world's biggest names.
Likewise, its diverse theatrical scene provides plenty for the visitor to get excited about. Recent shows include a touring performance of the classic musical Cats and a staging by a local Chinese troupe of L'Avare, the famous comedy about avarice by the French playwright Moliere.

Timeless traditions

However, while Hong Kong's cultural diversity means there are modern distractions to cater for every taste - including that of children - the city also offers tourists a chance to observe and enjoy long-held Chinese traditions. The annual dragon boat race and the food festival at Nong Ping are just two examples.
The city also boasts a wealth of museums, which educate visitors on everything from ancient customs to the latest scientific advances.

Stunning scenery

Hong Kong may be best known as a metropolitan getaway, but the territory offers more than soaring skyscrapers. The harbour itself is stunning, as a quick trip up the Peak Tram will show. Furthermore, outside the main city the territory still contains many unspoilt natural areas and rural villages affording tourists opportunities for hiking, climbing and kayaking - or just lounging on the beach.
While many of the city's biggest and best-known tourist attractions write their names in lights, it is often the undiscovered gems, which locals can help visitors find, that make the Hong Kong experience truly special.

Getting around Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the best connected cities in the world and a major stopover hub for several airlines. This means that cheap flights to Hong Kong are often easy to come by. Moving around Hong Kong and onto the rest of China is simplicity itself, with a range of modern transport options complementing more traditional methods such as Chinese junks or the Peak Tram.
With so many compelling reasons to visit, it is little wonder that Hong Kong remains a hugely popular holiday destination, with its heady cocktail of eastern and western cultures remaining as potent a draw to today's travellers as it was to those early British colonists 150 years ago.


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