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Take a trip to Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne, Australia's second-largest city, is brimming with exciting destinations, delights and delicacies that should tantalise the taste buds of any tourist on holiday in Australia. The sights and sounds of this bustling seaside metropolis are well worth taking time over and the stunning surrounding region only adds to the attraction.

Marvellous Melbourne

Melbourne is a city steeped in history. The area on which the present day city sits has been inhabited by aboriginal tribes for around 40,000 years before two separate groups, lead by John Batman and John Pascoe from Tasmania, decided to establish settlements in the area. Visitors to modern-day Melbourne will not find it hard to understand why both men chose the site for their villages.
Situated at the mouth of the Yarra River, which flows out into the natural harbour of Port Phillip, the area occupied by Melbourne could have been made for constructing a city. The attraction of the area proved strong and, helped by the discovery of gold in the 1850s, the city grew rapidly to become the largest in Australia. By the 1880s, locals and tourists visiting Australia were calling it Marvellous Melbourne.

Cultural capital

Marvellous Melbourne grew in status as well as size in the 19th century and developed a reputation as Australia's cultural capital - a title it contests fiercely with the now-larger Sydney to this day. The city boasts some of the finest architecture in Australia and its theatres and art galleries are second to none. It also hosts a well-respected fashion week annually, showcasing local and international talent. On top of this, Melbourne is home to some of Australia's finest restaurants and its annual food festival attracts many of the world's biggest names in haute cuisine. The city's food is so famous, it has turned into a tourist attraction in itself - no visit to Melbourne would be complete without a trip to the Chocolate Museum.

Stunning surroundings

Melbourne's cultural cache may mean it is close to surpassing its traditional rival Sydney as a tourist destination, but that is not the only thing this city has to offer.
Melbourne is surrounded by some of the best beaches in the world, many of which are celebrated surf spots. Surfing taster days are available for those who want to try out this most Australian of activities. Tourists whose tastes do not extend as far as extreme sports may want to visit the Victoria region in a more sedate manner, by taking one of the world-beating wine-tasting tours on offer. The grapes grown on Victoria's rolling hills have long been famous for their quality and the local vineyards make an excellent excursion.

Moving around in Melbourne

Melbourne is easily accessible to tourists, with a wide range of airlines - including Qantas and British Airways - offering cheap flights to the city. Moving around Melbourne when you get there is a delight in itself, offering tourists the chance to take advantage of the city's legendary network of trams. Now the largest tram system in the world, this network was established in the boom of the 19th century.
Since that boom, Marvellous Melbourne has come a long way. However, the city's sense of history and unique culture remain intact, making it small wonder that Melbourne and the surrounding area have won many tourism awards and are now must-see destinations for any tourist taking a holiday down under.ADNFCR-2328-ID-19153350-ADNFCR

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